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1. How does the plot of "The Apple-Tree" by Katherine Mansfield follow the "fall from innocence" archetype? What does it have in common with the original "fall from innocence" story of Adam and Eve? 2. As a group, identify and describe another story - one not discussed in this lesson - that uses the same plot or setting archetype as "The Apple-Tree.' The story can be from a movie, a TV show, a video game, a book, or any other source. 3. In your opinion, is the use of archetypes in a story like "The Apple Tree" lazy or unimaginative? Should authors always come up with something totally original, or is it O. K. to follow patterns found in other stories? Give examples to support your opinions. 4. The reading "How Evil Came into the World" includes two other stories besides the story of Adam and Eve. These are the story of Prometheu and ora from ancient Greek mythology and the Iroquois story of the Sky Woman and her twins. As a group, identify and describe at least one story – from a book, movie, TV show, video game, or other source - that has a similar plot or setting to one of these two stories.

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1. How does the plot of "The Apple-Tree" by Katherine Mansfield follow the "fall from innocence" arc...

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